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 For Widows Only!
This website is all about widowhood and the book, "For Widows Only!"
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"Am I in the right place?"


Are you  a widow?
Do you need to know more about widowhood?
Are you seeking help for yourself or for another widow?

If your answer to any of these questions is "Yes,"

You have come to the right place!

Pros and widows agree that For Widows Only!,
its websites, and the book for which they are named,
 may be the most helpful widowhood tools available.
FWO provides intimate, yet practical, advice and tactics to help every widow
more easily survive.
FWO is truly every widow's best friend,

Other readers tell us this site and the book are also "excellent manuals for
friends and relatives wanting to help widows they know."


     Do you (or your friend) have questions about widowhood?
For Widows Only! (the book, this site and the forum) has answers!
Annie says, "You'll find answers to common questions in, 'For Widows Only!'
       Answers to many
may also be found on this site.

         The new message forum is at        

          Will I ever find a way to pay all the bills?  Page 33; Chapter 10 
        Am I doomed to be alone and miserable the rest of my life?
See Chapter 17
        How will I ever sleep again, alone in this empty bed?
Page 20
        Why am I so angry at him?
Pages 63-66
Why do I feel so confused and scatter-brained?
Pages 60-62
        How long does grief last? Chapter 4, Pages 56-60
        How can I even try to be both mother and father to my kids?
Chapter 8
        How do I stop replaying this memory tape of his death?
Chapter 1
Am I going crazy?
Pages 61-74
        Why is widowhood so hard?
Chapters 1-6
Will the pain never end?
Chapter 14
        Is grief the same for all widows?
Chapters 1-14
Where did all my friends go?  Chapter 13
        Are other widows terrified by grief's intensity?
Pages 73-74
        How can I survive these first few days? Read a sample directly from Chapter One.

Widows Need Help! 

That's why I wrote the book, For Widows Only! (FWO).
It's also why I started the FWO widow support forums;
  why I have started local FWO support groups;
why I developed an FWO Blog (currently under construction);
...all of them using For Widows Only!, the book, as a guide.

No matter how hard I work, though,
I know I can't make widows' pain just disappear.
The pain is necessary for healing to take place.
It can help a bit, however, if they understand their grief,
by learning about the process and its stages.
It can help if they get a little help from their friends.
It can help to talk with others in the same boat, and
it can help if they hear from many widows who wept before them,
who have survived and now reach out with help.
It can help to know there are more than 12.000.000 widows in the U.S.
 It can help to know one out of every ten women has been widowed.
It also can help if they learn techniques for how to help themselves, with
patience, practice and occasional pity parties.

Widows Help Widows! 

I interviewed 80 widows for my book, "For Widows Only!", and they help me show that,
although it won't be easy, you--or your widowed friend--will survive!

Each widow has felt much the same pain, like someone sliced them in half,
or half-buried them in quicksand, and yet they must carry on with the
details of living and eventually of building a new life.

Widows need help; they need understanding;
they need to know they will survive...from widows who have survived.

Whether you're looking for a book to help your friend,
your sister or your self through widowhood's fear, anger and tears...

this is the one book you need...

 You'll find it easily at

Or Just Google: Barnes and Noble, or your favorite bookstore and
search in books for "For Widows Only!" (by Annie Estlund)

...if you are a widow looking here for other widows   
with whom you can chat and share your worries and concerns... 
try FWO's new forum, where hundreds of widows wait to help you.

Click on: .

(The former site: has been cancelled by MSN Groups.)

The new FWO forum is easy; it's sometimes fun; it's often a life-saver! You won't be sorry.   
You'll find young, middle-aged and older widows, all seeking--and finding--
reassurance from other widows who have been where they are.
It is awesome to read the stories of these widows and their compassionate responses to each other. 
One thing we know for sure... 
Only widows really understand other widows!  

    If you are a widow (and only IF you are)
Click URL below to go there now to find your widowed friends.   

Learn by what you read. Share by what you write.    



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