How to seed torrents- simplifies

When you are downloading anything from the internet, it basically comes from a remote Seedbox server. This means that the file is copied to your computer and you can delete it whenever you do not need it or want to clear up some space.  While this is a more traditional way of downloading files, it’s different from torrenting. With torrenting, remote servers are not involved. You just take information from other people’s computers and the torrent client will collect them as a whole. When there are no seeders, the client has nowhere to look for files. You can only seed torrents if you have a sully downloaded torrent on your device. The first step you take is to ensure you have a downloaded torrent with all its files present. Use a client of choice to get the best and most healthy torrents.

When you have made sure that the whole torrent is downloaded, you have now become a full seeder.  Most torrent clients will inform you when it is fully downloaded. The progress bar might change color and inform you of the seeding process. If you want it to continue, you should not click on anything. Do not remove the client from the torrent and avoid moving your downloads at all cost. The files should be left where they were downloaded to. To seed a torrent after downloading, you have to keep the torrent active in the client and the files intact; when you move and rename them the torrent ill become inactive and show error on the display. Lucky for you; there is a way to reverser this process. What you do is, click on the torrent and look for a display on the problem, click on stop or end, select all the problematic files and relocate them to a new location where you can save them.

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